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The ideal machine for producing laminated luggage tags at trade shows, hotels and in offices. Laminate your advertising message back to back with prospect's or client's business card to create a traveling "billboard" luggage tag. This machine also makes beautiful I.D. and membership cards in seconds. Machine has forced air fan cooling for reliability and long life.

M- 6000 Laminator
Permanently protects and preserves large documents, Ideal for business, industry, schools, video stores, libraries, hospitals, banks and savings and loans. Laminates certificates, sales literature, awards, schedules, instructions sheets legal documents, as well as luggage tags and I.D. cards. Laminates up to 9" x 14". With forced air fan cooling and sturdy metal boxed construction, it's built for reliable and dependable service.


Our Jumbo 12" laminator, this machine is ideal for laminating large documents, up to 12"x 18". Ideal for restaurant menus & recipe cards, large certificates, sales literature, production schedules, instructions for in-plant equipment, signs, and any large item subjected to constant handling or a dirty environment. Can also be used for I.D. cards and luggage tags. Built for reliability with forced air fan cooling and built-in thermometer, this is the best value in laminating machines on the market.


Photo I.D. Systems
Our low cost, high performance, simple to operate Photo I.D. systems are ideal for employee security and identification in manufacturing plants, service companies, schools, hospitals and government. Some of our systems' high quality features are:

Built-in strobe flash. No exterior flash needed. Built-in aiming light, just "point and shoot." Fixed focus. No adjusting of the lens for focus. Recessed glass lens minimizes reflections from outside lights. Electronically controlled exposure. Fully automatic lens advance. Your people do not have to manually move the lens from picture to picture. Solid state modular P.C. board. Rugged steel and aluminum construction.

Die cutter is precision tool-steel cutting die in cast iron and steel case. Trims photo to exact 1" x 1 1/4" with round corners. Quick, easy to use.

Laminating machine is high quality sheet metal boxed construction, fully fused, with forced air cooling for reliability and long life.

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