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Product Highlights:

Description: White gloss plastic finish with 1"x3/4" stress test square as standard. Printed 4 spot colors on front, 1 color back.

Size: 2 1/8 x3 3/8, .030" thick.

Imprint area: Varies per card.

Type of printing available: Screen, surface offset, High gloss offset*

Options: .020" to .030" thickness. (.030" thickness standard)

* All cards will be surface silkscreen or offset printed up to 10,000 cards. Your choice of screen, surface offset or high gloss offset on orders over 10,000 cards.

  • Use these cards to help monitor and reduce your stress level.
  • Great for Healthcare, Insurance, and Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Different types of cards allow you to customize a card to your needs.
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